Fatima “Ah this long queue, abeg” I said as I approached the ATM beside our house. I stood for a few minutes, “when will it come to my turn, gaskiya Banda lokaci let me be going” I said to my self as I took my leave . “Hello come and go before me” called out a young man. I turned “Ah thank you” I quickly ran in front of him as the people in the queue grumbled. Thank you I said with a big smile. You are welcome he said. To be frank with you I didn’t give him a second look, I withdrew my money, thanked him and I was on my way. He quickly followed me. “I didn’t catch your name miss” “I didn’t throw it” I said. Haba now this is not how you respond to your knight in shining armour Knight ke” i let out a loud laugh “Ok what’s your name at least, do you mind if I drop you?” He asked. “My house is down the road so don’t worry and yes my name is Fatima” “Oh you see this is meant to be, you have my mom”s name, can I call you mama na?” “Well you can call me Ummi, that’s what my family call me ” I said. “Can I see your phone” he asked “why” I asked as I looked at my shattered screen. I quickly hid it with my veil. I want to dial my number, so you can have my number, you need me in your life” He said with a smirk “Is that what you say to every girl” I asked “No just the ones I like” he said ‘Let me go” I wouldn’t let you go until you give me your number or instagram handle or snap” he said smiling For the first time we locked eyes, I felt some electric surge down my body, he is a fine man I ain’t got lie. “08134435581, can I go now?” “Wait now, haba mana ummi na” “Ummin ka? You are such a charmer just now now I am your ummi?” I asked with a smile. “Yo da ta wacece” Tun da kinki na rage miki hanya shi ke nan. He opened his car and started the ignition. Suddenly my phone rang. “Aren’t you going to pick that? Mijin ki na kira baza ki dauka ba” he said with a broad smile and drove off Omo wetting be this, this guy wan carry me go where I no know!!! Ahmed. Hello, ya how far kana ina? I asked as I placed a call to jibrilla Jibrilla is my best fried and my partner in crime. “Guy I just met the girl of my dreams” “Please free me, I don’t have energy for your dreams or your girls” he said “Walahi this girl is what I want, exactly fa komai da komai “ I said. “ Yanzu dai where are you, are you in the office” “No walahi Baba sent me to Senator Rufai’s office to drop some documents, on my way as we speak, lets just meet later at the spot” he said “Ba matsala, see you later” I said Just then I realised I forgot to withdraw the money that made me stop at the ATM in the first place. Shit!!!!

Romantic relationships musamman a farkon haɗuwa always give the sweetest feelings all thanks to the love hormone. From the tummy butterflies to....

Ku ba jami’an tsaro ba amma kun fi kowa saurin fitowa bawa juna kariya...

Shi fa fara wani business ba karamin aiki bane. Tun daga research, sourcing funds har evaluation. We applaud all business owners and aspiring.....

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